The best Vinyl Office Flooring you can find at Progresso Pisos

Do you know how to choose the right floor for your office? Progresso Pisos can help you. To build or renovate commercial spaces, it is important to choose a floor that matches the decor, is functional and comfortable and fits the company’s identity and the message it wants to pass on to customers, like a Vinyl installation in St John’s

Progresso Pisos operates in the market manufacturing wooden floors for the most varied areas and has vinyl office flooring in its catalog .

This model is widely used in corporate spaces due to its functional and aesthetic characteristics. It is made of PVC and minerals, offers good resistance to wear and tear and helps to insulate noise. Vinyl office flooring is available wood-like, tile-like and in a variety of colors.

Maintaining a vinyl office floor is very simple and easy. Cleaning with a damp cloth in a solution of water and neutral detergent will keep the floor in good condition. At Golden Pisos, the vinyl floor is sold in the blanket, plate or ruler model and with an easy fitting system. In cases of damage, for example, the replacement of the floor is quick and without the need for specialized labor.

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In addition to vinyl flooring for offices, it is common to find laminate floors and carpets in buildings. See their features below:

Laminate flooring – is a more classic flooring option. They are made of wood and offer good wear resistance, in addition to increasing aesthetic value and elegance to the environment. The type of raw material influences the type of maintenance, so have prior knowledge.

Carpet – is also among the more traditional options. Offers good resistance and durability, in addition to helping to isolate noise and air conditioning in the environment. It tends to make places more inviting and welcoming due to its wide variety of styles. It has its own maintenance characteristics.