Do you know the advantages of using glass in architecture? Glass is a totally recyclable, versatile material and can contribute many benefits and advantages to environments, such as better use of natural light, visual amplitude, integration of environments, energy savings, aesthetics, comfort, property valuation, etc. The market offers an infinity of types, models and technologies, expanding the possibilities of using the material not only in architecture, but in several other segments.

It is worth remembering that, in architecture, for each application there is a suitable type of glass. Therefore, it is not enough to know what are the advantages of using glass , it is also necessary wisdom and experience to choose the appropriate glass model for the structure; as this requires studies and commitment to keep the work within regulatory standards. If we opt for the wrong glass, in addition to putting users’ safety at risk, we nullify several advantages that glass can offer.

Which type of glass is cheaper?

Want an example? Glass can both bring more heat into the environment and promote thermal comfort in the building, just carry out the appropriate studies and choose the correct model. The same situation can occur with the supply of luminosity, where the glass can amplify or reduce the entry of light into an environment. In addition, it is possible to combine technologies to achieve a specific glass model capable of satisfying the main needs of users.

If in doubt, consult professionals specialized in the subject and enjoy all the advantages that glass can offer. A qualified professional knows the advantages of using glass and will be able to find the best type of glass for your project by observing your needs and harmonizing them with ABNT standards and glass options available on the market. Continue with us and see the details and benefits that glass can offer you below.

advantages of glass
Below we list 5 reasons to use glass in your environments. In addition to the high rates of use in recycling and the unparalleled aesthetics that only this material can offer, the advantages of using glass are , when choosing a glass wall art

– Better use of natural light
The glass allows the user to take advantage of the natural light available in the premises in the best possible way. This means, for example, that it is possible to amplify the entrance of light into the environment, manipulate the light spots to regions where the luminosity would not normally reach or even reduce the supply of lighting to create private and cozy environments. For this, the market offers, in addition to transparent glass, colored glass and models such as smoked glass and bronze glass. Consult a professional!

– Visual amplitude and integration of environments
Continuing our list on what are the advantages of using glass, this element naturally facilitates the creation of wider environments visually speaking (even more so if we also use mirrors in the decoration). To this we add the possibility of valuing the lighting of the place, which contributes a lot to the projection of larger spaces. With glass it is possible to integrate spaces and add rooms – such as balcony and living room, bedroom and home office, facilitating the creation of functional decorations, of high aesthetic value and visually pleasing.

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  • Comfort
    Among the benefits and advantages that glass can offer buildings, we highlight the offer of thermal comfort, acoustic relief and visual privacy. To understand how glass contributes to the acoustics and temperature of places, it is necessary to know a little more about the characteristics of models such as acoustic glass, reflective glass, thermal comfort glass, insulated glass (double), etc. Screen-printed glass helps create visually private environments. Interesting, isn’t it?

– energy saving
Another factor that should be highlighted when considering the advantages of using glass is the reduction of electricity consumption in buildings that have structures designed according to a need. This happens because, when properly specified, glass makes environments brighter, more ventilated, fresh and airy, which reduces the use of artificial lighting and air conditioners such as fans and air conditioning, for example, reflecting on the electricity bill – and in our pocket – at the end of the month.

– Valuation of the property
To finalize our list on what are the advantages of using glass, all these benefits described above guarantee the real appreciation of the property, which in some cases can reach 20% more than similar buildings. Consider that glass offers properties that are difficult to achieve in other elements, in addition to allowing creative freedom and the creation of different projects loaded with functionality.